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Corporate Relocation Services for Australian Clients

Are you looking for a stress-free move? Whether you need executive relocation services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other cities throughout Australia, we have the perfect solution for your needs. Enjoy a stress-free transition with the professional solutions provided by us here at Home Hunters Relocations. Whether you’re moving within the country or arriving directly from overseas, we save time, money and effort with streamlined solutions for executive staff and their families.

The elements of a smooth corporate relocation service

When it comes to relocating key personnel, time is often the primary consideration. An organisation may not be able to afford for their senior strategic and management staff to take two or three weeks off to home hunt, move themselves, and recoup their energy. In many cases, executives finish work on a Friday evening in one city and start on Monday morning in another city.

At the same time, the long term success of a move depends on the sensitivity and professionalism with which personal, family and lifestyle factors are handled. Recent research in the executive relocation services market suggests that up to 85% of relocations which fail, do so because of personal and resettlement issues – not because of poor job performance. This makes the link between the organisation’s investment in the employee, and the personal aspects of their relocation, more than clear.

Our Australian corporate relocation services package is called the Ambassador, because that’s what we’ll be to your employee and their family. We’ll negotiate and administrate every aspect of the relocation, working diplomatically and openly to ensure they’re provided with the very best. Everything from personal administration to short term and long term home finding and lease negotiation is taken into account. In-depth school searches and application assistance services are available for accompanying children. Spouses are given the best recruitment advice and social support possible to ensure they feel at home as soon as possible.

A professional advantage in corporate relocation.

As market leaders in executive relocation, we make transitions smooth and hassle-free from start to finish, so your staff can settle in quickly. We pride ourselves on exceptional service, catering to every client’s unique needs. Our comprehensive consultation process ensures that our clients’ demands, preferences and interests are considered wherever possible, down to the smallest element. Furthermore, we will take care of every detail – from finding the perfect property to organising removalists and supporting services – allowing you to remain focused on your business.

We welcome enquiries and questions, especially those related to the specific demands inherent in your industry. If you’ve never considered executive relocation assistance before, instead allocating all resources directly to the employee, you’ll love the difference we can make to your short and long term outcomes.

Serving Sydney and other Australian cities

To find out more about our corporate relocation services in Sydney and other Australian cities, please contact our team today. With over 15 years of experience to our name, we know what it takes to ensure a fuss free and comfortable move for your employees. To get in touch please fill in the online form on our ‘Contact Us’ page, or call us on +612 9583 9055.

With 15 years of experience, we get moving.

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